CHESHIRE Electric Co., Ltd is a development and manufacturing company specialized in mechanical and electronic control systems, generally known as Mechatronics. Our technical staff has superior academic credentials and accumulated decades of development and manufacturing experience gained in USA, The Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, and P. R. China.

CECO’s main office is located in Taoyuan, Taipei, the logistics hub for Taiwan’s air, sea and road freight transportation.

Our main products range from brushless dc and servo motors with control electronics and gearboxes, hybrid as well as permanent magnet stepping motors, linear d.c. and stepping motors, vibration, a.c. and d.c. motors. We have active customers in Japan, Korea, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia in the fields of Satellite Communication, Medical Equipment, Professional Instrumentation, Office Equipment, Industrial Automation, and Automotive Electronics.

An additional segment of our business is in the field of LED illumination, supplying solutions to such sectors as Instrumentation, Gaming, and Automotive Dashboard.

CECO supports all customers with our strongest values, Advanced Technical Solutions, Best Quality, Quick Responsiveness, Prompt Delivery and Cost Effectiveness. All these with a passionate attitude to help our customers achieve their business goals.

We always look forward to customers that give us the opportunity to help them along their way to success.